Cassette Seal Type 3

Product description

  • Design: special types, on enquiry
  • Outer casing: elastomer /sheet metal
  • Spring-loaded sealing lip
  • Additional dust lips
  • High resistance to dirt ingress
  • Robust solution.

Product advantages

  • Lengthening of maintenance interval for individual units
  • Shaft must not be hardened or ground
  • Old solution can usually be replaced by Cassette Seal without change to housing
  • The shaft must not be machined on maintenance or seal replacement.


These examples of use provide general information on the primary applications for Cassette Seals and their performance in relation to dirt from the outside. Cassette Seals(types 1, 2 or 3) must be selected taking into account the application conditions(shaft speed, oil temperature, etc.).

Further information on enquiry.

  • Agricultural machinery
    - Tractors/hub
    - Tractors/propeller shafts*
    - Harrows
    - Motorised cultivators
    - Tillers
    - Fertilizer spreading machinery
  • Construction machinery(road rollers, excavators, fork-lift trucks, mixers)
    - Axles: hubs
    - Axles: propeller shafts


Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber

Code NBR 80°
Colour Black

Fluoro elastomer

Code FKM 80°
Colour Red brown
Metal insert SAE1008~1010
Spring SUS

Operating conditions

Materials combination NBR 80° FKM 80°
T <80°C <100°C
v to 4m/s to 6 m/s
P max. 0,05Mpa/0,5 bar max. 0,05Mpa/0,5 bar

Fitting & installation


Tolerance ISO h8
Runout IT 8
Roughness Rz=10...16μm

Housing bore

Tolerance ISO h8
Roughness Rz=10...16μm

Careful fitting according to DIN 3760 is a prerequisite for the correct function of the seal → Technical Manual.
Further information on enquiry.

Range of dimensions for shafts-ΦD1

Cassette Seal type 3 25 ... 210mm

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