Combi Seal SF19

Product description

  • Design: special types, on enquiry 
  • Combination of an additional seal against dirt from the outside in one housing 
  • Spring-loaded sealing lip 
  • Additional dust lip for perventing the ingress of dirt and for protection under extreme operating conditions. 
  • Primarily for usage in all applications with high level of soiling, e.g., in axles for off-road vehicles 
  • Use perferably instead of the Cassette Seal in case of superimposed rotational and translation movements.

Product advantages

  • Long service life
  • High resistance to dirt ingress due to the optimal positioning of sealing lip and dust lip.
Performance in relation to dirt from the outside
  • High resistance to dirt from the outside. Suitable for protection against sludge.


  • Agricultural machinery 
  • For extreme dirt ingress and critical applications 
  • Drives for agricultural vehicles and in general industry


Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber

Code NBR 80°
Colour Black
Hardness 80 shore A

Fluoro elastomer

Code FKM 80°
Colour Red brown
Hardness 80 shore A
Metal insert SAE1008~1010
Spring SUS
Dirt wiper (TPU)

Operating conditions

Materials combination NBR/TPU FKM/TPU
T to +80°C to +100°C
v to 4 m/s to 6 m/s
P max. 0,05Mpa/0,5 bar max. 0,05Mpa/0,5 bar

Fitting & installation


Tolerance ISO h11
Runout IT 8
Roughness Ro=0.2...0.8μm
Hardness 45...60HRC
Finish No load, perferably plunge ground

Housing bore

Tolerance ISO H8
Roughness Rz=10...16μm

Careful fitting according to DIN 3760 is a prerequisite for the correct function of the seal → Technical Manual.
Further information on enquiry.