Hydraulic Seal & Rod Seal

What is a Hydraulic Seal?

Hydraulic seals are essential components designed to prevent leakage of fluids within hydraulic systems. These seals are installed at junctions or components within hydraulic equipment, ensuring the containment of fluids and the system's proper functioning. JENP provides various types of hydraulic seals including rod seals and piston seals. Hydraulic piston rod seals are vital machinery parts and they can be made from a variety of materials such as polyurethane, rubber, or PTFE. We are a well-acknowledged hydraulic seal supplier and manufacturer. You are guaranteed to get the most high-quality piston road seals from us. If you are interested in our products, please send us your inquiry anytime.

Types of Hydraulic Seal JENP Provide

Rod seals are installed in hydraulic cylinders to prevent fluid leakage from the cylinder's rod end, ensuring the system's efficiency. They maintain a tight seal between the piston rod and the cylinder bore, withstanding high pressures and offering resistance to abrasion.
Piston seals are positioned within the piston assembly. They serve to contain fluid pressure and provide dynamic sealing between the piston and cylinder bore. Their design ensures efficient performance, reducing friction and maintaining optimal functionality within hydraulic systems.
Hydraulic Seal and Rod Seal
  • Material : Polyurethan 93 Sh
  • Working Pressure: 40 Mpa(400bar)
  • Velocity: Up to 0.5 m/s
    T° for mineral fluids: -30°C to + 100°C
    T° for hydraulic fluids HFA, HFB, HFC: -30°C to + 40°C
  • Assembly
    Hydraulic Seal and Rod Seal
  • Surface finish:
      Ra Rt
    Rod 0.3μmMAXI 3μmMAXI
    Groove Bottom 1.6μmMAXI 16μmMAXI
    Groove Side 3μmMAXI 16μmMAXI

Features and Advantages of Hydraulic Seals

Seal Integrity: Hydraulic seals maintain the integrity of hydraulic systems by preventing leakage, and preserving the efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

Resistance to Pressure: They exhibit excellent resistance to high pressures and extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding conditions.

Diverse Applications: Hydraulic seals find applications across various industries, from automotive and manufacturing to aerospace and construction, showcasing their versatility.

Applications of Hydraulic Seals

Automotive Industry: Used in vehicles for brake systems, power steering, transmissions, and engines.

Manufacturing Sector: Employed in machinery for molding, stamping, pressing, and metalworking processes.

Aerospace and Defense: Used in aircraft landing gear, hydraulic, and missile systems.

Construction Equipment: Found in excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery to ensure efficient hydraulic operations.