Introduce for sealing component

The sealing component is the most important device for mechanical and industrial equipment at present and future. There are mainly two functions of the sealing component. One is for preventing the leakage from grease, water, and gas; the other is for dust-proof.

There are two categories that dynamic and static by means of motion used for the sealing component. The difference between the static seal and the dynamic seal is below:

Dynamic seal

  1. oil seal for rotary and reciprocation application.
  2. lip seal for piston and cylinder using for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

Sealing Component

Static seal

  1. O-ring : cross section is circle used for industrial equipment and general purpose (bracelet)
  2. Quarter-ring : cross section is X type used for high pressure and industrial equipment.
  3. Bonded seal : the metal with rubber used for between bolt and nut to be dust-proof and increase locking force
  4. Gasket : there are made of many different material for engine and other equipment.
  5. V-ring : cross section is similar to V for high pressure used for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

How to make good oil seal ?

There are three factors to affect on oil seal production :

  1. temperature
  2. working pressure
  3. curing time

How to get useful oil seal ?

You need to realize working environment :

  1. housing, shaft and width sizes
  2. working temperature, pressure and physical environment

(heat -resist, ozone –resist, chemical and so on )